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Natural Cocoa Butter LIP BALM


I have become obsessed with using this lip balm, and my mom and friends have all fallen in love with it, too! This lip balm melts against your lips and feels amazingly moisturizing. I think the secret may be in the borage seed oil, which is known to hydrate and restore skin, and is especially good at reducing inflammation and restoring the protective barrier on lips.

To be honest, I am picky about lip balm. I like lip balm that feels soft, soothing, and comforting on your lips and is not too hard or waxy. This lip balm melts against your lips, and I love that it is faintly scented with natural cocoa butter and lavender essential oil.

I love making (and using) this lip balm, not only because of the earthy, local, and organic ingredients, but because of what is NOT in it. This lip balm does NOT have petroleum, alcohols, phthalates, parabens or any synthetic ingredients.

This lip balm is all-natural and only made with a handful of ingredients, including cocoa butter, borage seed oil, a few drops of lavender essential oil, and beeswax from local beekeepers around Rochester, NY.

Each lip balm is approximately 0.15 oz.


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